Dynamic organisations need a broad range of advisory services to support their ambition and growth. As your business grows, our advisory services are designed to help you achieve your goals. Successful growth often means navigating a complex array of opportunities, challenges and risks.


Audits require common sense as well as technical expertise. Our teams can provide you with innovative assurance services in:

    a.     financial statement audits
    b.     financial statement compilations
    c.     financial statement reviews
    d.     IFRS conversions
    e.     reporting on controls at service organisations.


Ambitious organisations need to consider their tax affairs carefully to gain trust and stay ahead of their competitors. At Balakrishna Sreekumar & Co., tax is a key part of our organisation and our award-winning teams can offer you a range of solutions, whatever the size of your business or the challenges you are facing.

Corporate accounting and outsourcing

Dynamic organisations need to focus their energies on driving the business forward and outsourcing could help you achieve this. Transferring certain services to a third party not only allows you to concentrate on your core business, it can also improve efficiency and cut costs.